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GREEN OCTO Conditioning Beard, Skin & Hair Oil $20 

Soften and condition your skin, hair, and beard without the greasy feel! Our fast-absorbing formula can be used on your skin and older tattoos to make them revive again! 


Pick the right scent for you.


15 ml. Dropper and NEW Pump Bottle!


Pick your scent:

Alcatraz ~ Fresh, Cool Water Scent

BlackJack ~ Woody + Masculine

Enigma ~ Spiced. Cedarwood & Vanilla Bourbon.

Fierce ~ Cologne scent with white musk and lavender.

Fine Tobacco ~ Earthy scent. A blend of cedarwood and tobacco.

Paranormal Ice ~ Feel the chill! Cool mint with sandalwood.

Power ~ Tonka Bean & Oud

Sweet RockStar ~ Sweet aroma and warm hints of Vanilla and sandalwood

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